Become a Member

Thank you for your interest in the Spiritual Care Guild of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA). We invite you to join our membership as an Active Member, Friend or Angel of Spiritual Care. See the membership criteria below and if you are interested, download and print the membership form and mail to us at PO Box 50413, Pasadena, CA 91115. The Spiritual Care Guild has three Membership Categories available:

  • Two year commitment.
  • Attend three meetings per year.
  • Serve on one committee (see Membership Form).
  • Participate in at least one fundraising event. (must purchase one benefit ticket or make an equivalent patron donation)
  • Included in Member Directory.
  • Invited to all events
  • $125.00 Dues per year

Friend of Spiritual Care

  • Attend first General Meeting in the Fall.
  • No committee or event requirements.
  • Included in Member Directory.
  • Invited to all events.
  • $200.00 Dues per year

Angel of Spiritual Care (same as Friend but must be employee of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles)

  • $50.00 Dues per year

How to Sign Up

Fill out the membership form and send it back to us. Return it with your Dues by October 15, 2015. Thank you!


Where do your Contributions go?

    • Fund Raising
      Our primary purpose is to raise funds to insure around-the-clock coverage of the Spiritual Care Department at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. We primarily do this through our annual Patron Drive and Spring Benefit, though we accept donations all year around.
    • General Fund:
      Supports our annual commitment to the Spiritual Care Department.
    • Endowment:
      Created in 2005 to insure long-term support of the work of the Spiritual Care Department.
    • Tea for the Soul:
      Every week a cart filled with tea and cookies is wheeled to a hospital unit by the Spiritual Care staff to provide an opportunity for the clinical staff to have a brief moment to have a cookie and a cup of tea and to gather their wits amidst some of the most chaotic and desperate moments of caring for critically ill children. The Spiritual Care staff provide moments for the clinical staff to refuel their stomachs and their souls for what lies ahead.
    • Baptismal Kits:
      The Guild assembles “Grab and Go” Baptismal Kits such that at any point in a child’s hospitalization a baptism may be performed at the wishes of the parents. The kits include Holy Water, a hand-knitted baptismal stole, a gift card made by a local school child, a Baptismal Certificate and a special candle.
    • Overnight Kits:
      Assembled Overnight Kits filled with things like shampoo, toothpaste and toothbrushes are a welcome gift for parents or family members who unexpectedly must spend the night at the hospital alongside their child.
    • Candle Lighting Ceremony:
      On the first Sunday of December, around the world in every time zone, a ceremony of remembrance for all of the children who have lost their lives during the year is held. The Spiritual Care Guild of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles sponsors this event for CHLA families.