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In 2004, twelve girlfriends were invited to walk the halls at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles with one of the staff chaplains, Father John Sigler, to see first hand the work of the Spiritual Care Department. They left the hospital impressed by the complexities of caring for the most ill children in Southern California and the tremendous impact that a child's illness or injury has on the entire family.

When disease or injury threatens the life of a child, even the most religious of families can be suddenly thrown into a crisis of faith. Sick with worry, fear of the unknown, and grief -- a "why me, why my child?" dark night of the soul - many parents and siblings desperately need spiritual solace to see them through. The Spiritual Care department at Children's Hospital has become a nationally recognized pioneer in providing people of all faiths, or lack of, with care for the soul while their children's bodies are taken care of.

Childrens Hospital Los Angeles has made a significant investment in providing Spiritual Care Services for the patients and families it serves. As the friends walked the halls with Father John, they also recognized that there are limits to how much Spiritual Care could be funded by the hospital general budget. Because many children and their families find their most desperate moments in the middle of the night or on weekends, the girlfriends decided that they would start a non-profit charitable organization to raise enough money so that the hospital could provide around-the-clock coverage of spiritual care services.

And so it began.

Today, thanks to a visionary hospital, which believes in the work of the Spiritual Care Department, and the generosity of our communities and corporate sponsors who contribute in so many ways, Childrens Hospital Los Angeles is able to provide 24/7 spiritual care for the patients and families it serves.

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